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Schedule of Events - Find out the details here.

Rooms - Maps and information about the rooms used for NARCON events.

NARCON 2008 is looking for presenters, speakers, people to lead sessions & workshops, and so forth!  If you would be willing to volunteer, please contact our Presentation Coordinator, Alan Estenson

The events for NARCON 2008 are of various types as listed below.  Click on the links for further information.

  • Seminars

    • Seminars involve a speaker presenting information on a subject about which he/she is knowledgeable. There is usually a question and answer session at some point during the seminar.

  • Workshops

    • Workshops involve the speaker showing you how something is done as well as (or instead of) telling you how itís done. They tend to be hands-on training sessions that can get a little messy, and include make-it-take-it (MITI) sessions.

  • Special Events

    • Special Events are those that donít fit very well into one of the other categories.  This is where you'll find information on our Guest Speakers.

  • Open Forums

    • Open Forums are sessions where most of the talking is done by those attending it. A topic is announced, and the attendees exchange ideas and opinions while discussing it. A moderator is present to keep the discussion on track and to make notes of any breakthroughs.

  • Panel Discussions

    • Panel Discussions are sessions where several expert speakers discuss the topic at hand in front of the attendees. There is usually ample opportunity to ask questions. These sessions are an excellent way to get several points of view on a particular subject.

  • Sport Launch

    • A Sport Launch will be held on the Saturday of NARCON in conjunction with Tripoli Southern Minnesota.  A high power waiver will be in effect, and a motor vendor will be present at the flying field.  This event is for those NARCON attendees who wish to get out in the fresh air and fly some rockets.  There is an additional $10 fee for those wishing to fly rockets at the Sport Launch.  This fee will not be collected in advance; it will be payable at the launch site.

    If you have any questions while attending NARCON, just stop by the registration desk.

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