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(and other tidbits of information that don't fit well elsewhere)

  • You're having free door prize drawings instead of a raffle?
    Yes - just like at NARCON 2007.  Running a legal raffle in Minnesota is a complicated mess of bureaucracy and paperwork.  The NARCON 2008 staff has decided to have multiple drawings for free door prizes instead of selling raffle tickets and having a raffle drawing. 
    Our list of supporting vendors may be found here.
    At three times during the weekend, we will be giving away free prizes, donated by rocketry companies across the country. (When?  After the Vendor's Forum on Friday night, after the guest speaker on Saturday night, and after the NAR Town Hall meeting on Sunday.)
    Each registered attendee will receive two regular and one grand prize entry tickets in their registration packets.  Be sure to fill them out and deposit them in the marked containers at the registration desk!  Prize winners from Friday and Saturday's drawings need not be present to win.  However, they must claim their prize by the time of the drawing after the Town Hall meeting on Sunday.  At that time, all unclaimed prizes will be forfeited and new winner's names will be drawn for those prizes.  Names will be drawn until all prizes are given away.
    If you miss the Friday or Saturday drawings, be sure to stop at the registration desk by Sunday morning to see if you won something!
    The Grand Prize drawings will be held at the end of the guest speaker's talk on Saturday night.  You must be present at the time of this drawing to win!  One adult grand prize and one youth grand prize will be awarded.  If the person whose name is drawn is not present, their ticket will be discarded and a new ticket will be drawn.

    Sheri's Hot Rockets - www.cjsaviation.com
    An enormous round of applause to Sheri for donating the NARCON 2008 Grand Door Prize  for the second year in a row!  The (adult) Grand Prize winner will receive a special certificate that may be redeemed for their choice of a free 1/48 Saturn 1B, 1/24 Gemini Titan, 1/24 Mercury Redstone, 1/24 Mercury Atlas, or a great deal on the 1/48 Saturn V!!!!!!

    Prizes will not be held beyond the end of NARCON on Sunday afternoon.  Prizes will not be shipped by NARCON to the winners.  Once they have taken possession, all prizes become the sole responsibility of the winners.
    The NARCON 2008 staff welcomes donations of rocketry-related items for the door prize drawings! If you (vendor, company, individual, etc) are willing to donate something, please contact us! -   Back to Top

  • Can the general public enter the vendor room free of charge?
    Yes.  If a member of the general public ONLY wishes to enter the Vendor room to look around and possibly buy things, there is NO charge to them.  If they wish to attend any other part of NARCON, they will need to either register as a full Attendee, or purchase a limited one-day-pass.   -   Back to Top

  • Will there be NARCON "day passes"?
    Yes.   A limited one-day pass to NARCON will be available for purchase each day at the NARCON Registration Table.  Pricing will be $15 for adults (19 and older) and $5 for youths (18 and younger) per day.  The day pass will grant the purchaser admission to all NARCON events held on that day (not including the sport launch.)  (Full NARCON on-site Attendee registration will also be available at the rate of $45 for adults and $15 for youths.)  Those buying a day-pass will be given a unique name badge that is clearly marked only for the day that it is valid.   Those purchasing a day-pass will NOT receive a registration packet, program book, or a proceedings cd-rom.  The program book and cd-rom may be available for purchase separately.  Those wishing to receive the "full package" will need to register as full Attendees.   -   Back to Top

  • Parking?
    There is a parking ramp attached to the host hotel.  It is on the north side of the hotel (W. Center St.)  (See the PDF below).  The entrance to the ramp is marked with only a small sign that says "PARK".  Parking in the hotel ramp is complimentary for NARCON attendees staying at the host hotel - based on availability of space in the ramp.  Note that there is a height limitation in the hotel ramp.  Some very tall vehicles, such as some tall full-size vans, will not fit.  There is a public parking ramp less than a block east of the hotel.  Parking in the public ramps is free on weekends and after 5:30pm on weekdays. The hotel loading dock is located right next to the parking ramp entrance-   Back to Top
    Close-up Map showing Parking and Loading Zones (145K pdf)


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